15 "Handmaid’s Tale" Moments You’ll Want To Remember Before Season 4

15 “Handmaid’s Tale” Moments You’ll Want To Remember Before Season 4

Catch up before the start of the new season.

Are you ready for the fourth installment of The Handmaid’s Tale?

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If you don’t know, the TV show is based on Margaret Atwood’s book series. The Hulu show centers around the main character, Offred, as she navigates a disturbing totalitarian society.

Before season four premieres on April 28th, let’s take you back through all the shocking moments.

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For anyone that’s seen Handmaid’s Tale, you know it’s a wild ride.

The first three seasons are filled with plenty of gasp-worthy moments, from gut-wrenching birthing scenes to empowering escapes and more.

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If you aren’t caught up yet, be warned that there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

Here are the most shocking moments to remember before the new season drops:


While season one was filled with disturbing twists and turns, there was one protest scene that really stands out: the flashback that attempted to turn the tides of oppression before Gilead took full control.

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While it wasn’t successful in the end, this moment became iconic in and of itself for how it reflected modern-day movements.


And yet one of the most iconic scenes has got to be when Offred first escapes Fred and Serena’s household in Season 2.

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While she’s inevitably caught, her escape emboldens her to keep fighting.


Another epic moment: When June and Moira first attempt to flee The Red Center.

Still from Season 1, Episode 4

Still from Season 1, Episode 4

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In Season 1, Episode 4, they tie up Aunt Lydia and don disguises in an epic ploy to free themselves from the horrifying center.


I think everyone cried when Moira and June first reunite in Season 1, Episode 8. As viewers, we feel it all.

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This episode firstly shows June wielding her power over Fred.


When June becomes an integral part of Mayday, a secret resistance group working to bring down Gilead.


What about Nick’s secret alliance? After the unlikely romance that blossomed, we’re later keyed into his past history and it’s shocking.

Gif of Nick and Offred walking

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We all thought he was just a driver but no… he’s got some secret power, it seems.


Moira’s eventual and perilous escape to Canada is also a standout moment for the character in particular.

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Season 1, Episode 8 sees Moira killing one of her customers at Jebezels and then in a display of true power and a fierce will to survive, shows her fleeing to Canada.


Seeing June give birth to her baby in an abandoned warehouse was… chilling, to say the least.

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The season 2 moment is truly unforgettable.


When Serena finally asserts her power and makes a conscious choice for Baby Nicole.

The Handmaid's Tale gif montage of Baby Nicole's baby-naming

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At the end of season two, Serena gives baby Nicole a chance at a free life. While Serena herself is a complicated character, this scene shows her breaking away from the ingrained Gilead point of view and instead, doing the right thing for Nicole.


When June stands up for her baby and willfully dissents Serena and Fred.

Still of Offred defying Aunt Lydia's orders

Still of Offred defying Aunt Lydia's orders

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In season 3, Episode 5, Fred and Serena start a campaign to bring baby Nicole back to Gilead. They recruit June for a propaganda commercial and while her disapproval is more on the subtle side compared to some of her other firey actions, it remains iconic.


When June reunites with her daughter, Hannah, and tries to get them to Canada.

Moving gif of June reuniting with her daughter Hannah

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The dedicated mother will stop at nothing to help her eldest daughter!


The season three moment when June (aka Offred) decides to stay in Gilead instead of escaping in a bid to save her daughter, Hannah.

Gif of June saying "You're getting out of Gilead"

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It’s a true sacrifice and display of uncompromising motherly love.


We also finally learn more about Emily’s backstory and get a glimpse into her life before Gilead.

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But after learning about Emily’s unwanted surgery… which is completely horrific.


When Offred escapes (again) and disguises herself in plain Martha clothes.

The Handmaid's Tale character Offred (aka June) dressed up in Martha's clothing

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Her daring nature is epic and makes for some heart-pounding moments.


When Serena loses it, so to speak, and lights her house on fire.

The Handmaid's Tale character Serena saying "What's it like to feel that life inside of you?" with a fire burning in the background

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I mean, nobody was expecting that!


And finally: When June, the Handmaids, and the Marthas organize a secret plan to help the children of Gilead escape to Canada.

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The tumultuous plan, which plays out at the end of season three, eventually accumulates into a tear-jerker moment of freedom for many.

That’s it for now. What iconic moments did I miss? LMK below.

What are you most looking forward to in the new season? Blessed be the fruit and all that (kidding!). 

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