Fallon Fox, the First Openly Trans MMA Fighter, Is Getting a Biopic

A biopic about Fallon Fox, the first openly trans MMA fighter, is in development at Mark Gordon Pictures. The groundbreaking athlete will consult on the project and spouses Allison Glock-Cooper and T Cooper are penning the script, Deadline reports.

“Fox originally hid her transgender identity when she began competing professionally as a mixed martial arts fighter, fearful that transphobia would lead to her being rejected by the league. As she began to triumph in the ring and neared the pro semifinals, Fox received the phone call she had been dreading: a journalist threatening to out her to the world,” the source details. “Fox took the narrative into her own hands, revealing that she is a transgender woman in an Outsports and Sports Illustrated article in 2013. What followed was an onslaught of vitriolic, transphobic abuse from the world press and the MMA league, and an explosively controversial debate over whether a woman who was assigned male at birth should be able to fight in women’s divisions in MMA fighting.”

Her story is especially resonant now, when right-wing politicians are calling for trans girls to be excluded from girls’ interscholastic sports. Dozens of states have drafted legislation banning trans girls from these teams, and Idaho, Arkansas, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Mississippi have signed bans into law.

“I’ve had a great time so far working with the producers and writers bringing this story to life, and I hope this film sheds some light on the topic of trans athletes in sports,” Fox said. “This story needs to be told now more than ever.”

Producer Bonnie-Chance Roberts added, “Fallon Fox is a remarkable woman and athlete who has withstood and achieved so much in her life and who’s story is far too little known. She is a universal, living icon of strength and persistence. It is a true honor to work with her, and the indomitable writing team of T and Allison Cooper, to bring her experiences more to light and to share her with the world.”

“As transgender/LGBTQIA writers and creators, we know in our bones the inherent value in and necessity of telling stories from the inside out, rather than from the outside looking in. We’re thrilled to be teaming with Mark Gordon Pictures to help bring Fallon’s undeniably powerful and relevant story to the screen,” the Coopers stated.

Fox scored five wins throughout her six-game professional career. Her coming out journey, and that of gay college basketball player Terrence Clemens, was depicted in the documentary “Game Face.”

Source: Fallon Fox, the First Openly Trans MMA Fighter, Is Getting a Biopic

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