Weekly Horoscope: March 15 – 21

On Monday, March 15, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters mystical Pisces at 5:26 PM: Mercury in Pisces isn’t the most straightforward time for organizing details, but artistic processes and abstract thought are strong. The sun connects with power planet Pluto at 1:25 PM on Tuesday, providing an ability to see to the root of an issue. Pluto represents things that are hidden; conversations can reveal information that was once secret or repressed.

On Thursday, March 18, Venus connects with Pluto at 12:19 PM, finding relationships going beyond the superficial and coming out the other side changed. If there have been issues of manipulation or jealousy, they are worked through now. Trust is necessary.

The spring equinox falls on Saturday, March 20, as the sun enters Aries at 4:37 AM. This is the start of the astrological calendar—and world astrology day! Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, this is the time to initiate things, to break ground, and charge into something new.

On Sunday, March 21, Venus moves into Aries at 9:16 AM: Venus in Aries desires pursuit. There is something energizing about going after the object of your desire! Also on Sunday, Mercury connects with Uranus at 6:34 PM. There is some surprising news, or things not going according to plan but accidentally working out anyway. This is how new ideas are born.

All times ET.


There’s been a lot shifting around over the past month as you prepare to initiate something totally new. As the sun enters your sign, things that once felt outside of your reach are closer. You have more clarity and understanding about the direction you want to go, because things are resolved or you’re ready to put what’s right in front of you at the top of the priority list. This is an efficient way to get things done. As Venus, the planet of desires, enters your sign, you’ll have more clarity about what you want, and less fear and uncertainty surrounding how to get it. You’ll also be attracting more positive attention.


Pisces season has been a very social time for you. You’re making powerful connections and collaborating with heavy hitters as your planetary ruler Venus connects with intense Pluto. You have no time for anything superficial or shady, and if something seems to be suspicious, you can always ask for another opinion. There are people who act totally different when they know they’re being recorded or watched. After all of this socializing, it’s time to lay low and let go of the reigns for a bit. The beginning of spring is a time to rest and recalibrate as you consider how you want the rest of 2021 to look. With Venus in a very secretive part of your chart, you’re exploring hidden desires. Mystery is attractive.


You’ve been hitting your mark with precision, and you have a lot of steam to blow. Now that your planetary ruler, Mercury, enters Pisces, you’re going to have maybe too many different directions. Remember to keep it simple, Gemini, and actively avoid spilling stuff on your work equipment. While your head is in the clouds, you can lose sight of small fish. This is great for taking giant steps, but watch where you’re going. Things at work lighten up and your life becomes more socially inclined as the sun and Venus enter your house of community. Be mindful of mental restlessness and try to relax and decompress often as cerebral Mercury connects with erratic Uranus.


You’re getting on the same page with your partners (romantic or otherwise) about what you both believe in, and how you define your connection. Pisces season is about learning and growing for you, dear Cancer. As the sun and Venus connect with Pluto, you have the opportunity to transform your relationships with something beautiful and hopeful in mind. Despite any interpersonal crises, you can still connect to something spiritually fulfilling and meaningful. Aries season begins, which puts you in a very busy and active place: You’re going to be in high demand, so make sure your partners know where you stand! This is a time to build trust and work through any overpowering thought patterns that can create chaos in your relationships.


There’s an opportunity to find ways around certain tasks as the sun connects with Pluto: You can cut corners, or just have insight into things that you’ve been working too hard or too much on. You gain a stronger ability to ask for assistance with something that’s not totally visible to everyone else. Once you’re able to speak up about it, something transforms. Early spring takes you out of the dark as the sun enters fellow fire sign Aries. You’re excited about traveling and learning as you journey to new heights and destinations. Surprises regarding work or finance come as Mercury connects with Uranus. You can work with this energy and find a way to make the unexpected into something profitable!


Other people are playing a more major role in your life now, Virgo. As your planetary ruler Mercury enters your house of partnerships, you’re going to be hearing a lot more from them! This is a time to talk about abstract things. Devotion and connection transcend language, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be communicated. You’re getting a deeper understanding of your friendships and bonds as the sun and Venus connect with power planet Pluto, allowing you to see patterns in how you attach and relate. Aries season is about the mature parts of your relationships: How do things look whenever the honeymoon phase is over? There’s mental restlessness, and a lot of questions, as Mercury connects with Uranus. Give yourself space to think about nothing, too.


Anything that’s shallow in your relationships is being exposed as your planetary ruler, Venus, connects with Pluto, the planet of secrets. There is something pleasant about being brutally honest. This can help you get ahead in your work and home life as you tap into a hidden resource, or learn to ask for help to get out of a loop. The sun and Venus enter Aries, your house of partnerships, and you’re going to be getting a lot more mileage out of other people. There are a lot of people that you can rely on, and relationships that you have grown to appreciate. Now is the time they take on new forms as you see them in a better light.


It’s been fun, but now it’s time to get back to business. As spring begins, your winter hibernation is over, and you’re getting things in gear to take better care of your health and chores as the sun and Venus enter your house of routine. It’s a lot easier to start something than it is to quit, so be mindful of how you use your time and direct your attention to things that are more valuable. You’re still thinking a lot about sex and parties, with Mercury in your chart’s house of pleasure, and it’s creating a lot of mental restlessness and feelings of instability in relationships as Mercury connects with Uranus. Other people are always going to do their own thing, and that’s OK.


There are a lot of new ideas around your home and living situation as Mercury enters your chart’s domestic sector: There can be excitement around trying something totally wacky and rebellious with your lifestyle and the way your private space provides for it as Mercury connects with Uranus. You’re navigating deep concerns around financial security and themes of greed and power as the sun and Venus both connect with resourceful Pluto. You’re more excited to go outside and connect with your friends and lovers as Aries season begins. It’s going to be less “little old lady who lives in a shoe” and more “kids in the woods who accidentally found porn.” Rediscover things that excite you and make you feel playful.


You have powerful messages to send and receive, Capricorn. Conversations bring new depths to your own ability to transform yourself, to understand your fears and your hangups, as the sun and Venus connect with power planet Pluto. This can help you build trust with both yourself and the people around you. Any sense of power imbalance or a need for control can be worked through as things that are usually taboo are brought to light for healing and connection. While Pisces season has been a long run, it’s time to park at home and think about the things you need in order to feel alive and energized in your private life. Imagine your ideal living space, and chase after the vision.


Pisces season was a lot of boring financial stuff. You worked through insecurities, material and spiritual, and are now trying to find your crew as the sun and Venus move into Aries. Aries season is busy! There are phone calls, commutes, emails, contracts, and plans. You’re lining up all of your chickens so that you can imitate something more sturdy and lasting in the springtime. You’re attracting sweet messages as Venus enters your house of communication, bringing beauty into your reading and writing. There can be a lot of questions around your housing and financial situations as Mercury connects with Uranus, leading to some urges to flee or experiment with your support systems. Don’t make it too complicated for yourself.


You’re still getting mileage out of Pisces season. With the planet of communication, Mercury, moving into your sign, you have more skill when it comes to expressing those galaxy brain ideas. People will finally be able to understand the abstract orchestra that is constantly performing in your beautiful mind. You’re getting a better understanding of social dynamics and the way people organize themselves in a hierarchy as the sun and Venus connect with Pluto! This is a time for you to gain a better understanding of and sympathy toward others in your community as you can see through them. Aries season is going to shift your focus to your money, possessions, and the resources that you have to share.

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Source: Weekly Horoscope: March 15 – 21

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