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Democrats begin publicity tour to convince US on Covid rescue plan– live updates

Kamala Harris visits Las Vegas, Dr Jill Biden visits New Jersey, while president will give White House speech

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11.11am GMT

Overnight Secretary of state Antony Blinken and Defense secretary Lloyd J Austin III have penned a joint op-ed for the Washington Post talking about their visit to the Indo-Pacific region. It includes some thinly-veiled criticism of Trump-era diplomacy. They write:

The United States is now making a big push to revitalize our ties with friends and partners — both in one-to-one relationships and in multilateral institutions — and to recommit to our shared goals, values and responsibilities.

Our alliances are what our military calls “force multipliers.” We’re able to achieve far more with them than we could without them. No country on Earth has a network of alliances and partnerships like ours. It would be a huge strategic error to neglect these relationships. And it’s a wise use of our time and resources to adapt and renew them, to ensure they’re as strong and effective as they can be.

10.57am GMT

It’s worth noting that the “Help is Here” tour is taking Kamala Harris on her first domestic trip as vice president today. She’ll be accompanied by her husband, who plans to break off for separate events in Las Vegas on Monday and New Mexico on Wednesday.

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Source: Democrats begin publicity tour to convince US on Covid rescue plan– live updates

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