When Ralphie May Figured Out Trashing Native Americans Was a Bad Idea

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“I wasn’t prepared for the backlash,” says Adrienne Chalepah. “Or the death threats.”

Chalepah, a Kiowa-Apache comic, was a fan of Ralphie May, the comedian who came to prominence during the first season of the NBC reality series Last Comic Standing. “I had been familiar with his work for years,” she says. “My husband bought a CD by a Native hip-hop group called Savage Family, and it had a track called ‘Raise Up.’ It opens with a sample from Ralphie’s act. When I heard it, I was really disappointed. But as a Ralphie May fan, I just sat on those feelings for a couple of years. I didn’t feel any need to talk about it. I just let it go.”

The sample in question featured May complaining that Dances with Wolves had beaten out Goodfellas for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. May shouts indignantly, “Fuck a bunch of Indians! I am sick of hearing about it. Are we supposed to boohoo over goddamn Indians? That shit was a hundred twenty years ago. Fucking get over it! Nobody fucking a hundred fifty years ago is making you drink now. Fucking dry up, you fucking bunch of alcoholics—and go get a real fucking job. Cut that fucking hair! Bon Jovi cut his, you should cut yours. This shit is done, son. It’s done! Fuck you, bunch of Indians! Fuck the Indians! I’m sorry! I’m sorry they as a group never made it to the Bronze Age. I’m sorry they never invented the wheel. I’m sorry, boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. Boo-fucking-hoo. Fuck the Indians.”

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Source: When Ralphie May Figured Out Trashing Native Americans Was a Bad Idea

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