Prince Michael Joins Bite Club (Video)

Prince Michael Joins Bite Club (Video)

The first rule about bite club is you don’t talk about bite club. But we’re breaking that rule because there’s an entire video dedicated to bite club so you’re going to hear about it regardless. 

Prince Michael is back and this time, he’s decided that he wants to be a dog. In hopes of having fun, Prince Michaels comes across a secret note in the park to meet at a certain time. Prince Michaels decides he’s tired of all the cat naps and decides to check out what this secret note entails. Turns out, it’s a secret gathering of all cats who are tired of doing a cat mundane routine. These cats want something more out of like… they want to bite! 

A little tip from the top comment shared on the video “Turn on closed captions to see Phil’s thoughts!” Yessir! 

Source: Prince Michael Joins Bite Club (Video)

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