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Woman Goes on IG Live in a Bra to Not Apologize for Coughing on Uber Driver

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The Uber passenger who coughed and spewed racist slurs at her Asian driver over the weekend went on Instagram Live Tuesday night dressed in lingerie to tell her side of the story. 

She didn’t apologize, and she said she prefers Lyft anyway. Both Uber and Lyft have banned her. 

The woman, who was caught on dashcam footage ripping off her driver’s mask, did an IG Live in a pink bra and underwear and said she and her friends attacked him because he was going to let them out in “the middle of buttfuck nowhere in the hood.”

At one point during the live video— which is several minutes long and has amassed thousands of viewers—she lies on a bed and admits that she smacked him, took off his mask, and coughed on him but also that she “ain’t even have corona.” But she admits she was “deadass wrong for that.” 

“And he lucky as hell I ain’t have nothing on me on, mamas,” the woman says during the live video. “Cause if we would’ve played with me, bruh, it would’ve been a whole different story.”

The original incident happened in San Francisco on Sunday around 12:45 p.m. local time when the woman was picked up with two friends. After being told to wear a mask by their Nepalese driver, Subhakar Khadka, the trio lashed out. The woman from the video coughed on Khadka and tried to take his phone. One of the other passengers also coughed on the driver and said she had coronavirus. When they eventually exited the car, one passenger sprayed Khadka with pepper spray, according to him.  

The San Francisco police are now investigating the incident.  

“If I was another complexion, I would have not gotten that treatment from them,” Khadka, who’s been in the U.S. for eight years working to support his family, told local news station KPIX. “The moment I opened my mouth to speak, they realized I’m among one of them, so it’s easy for them to intimidate me. Since you were born and raised here in the United States, don’t think the other person is less human.”

In her Instagram Live video, the woman goes on to say that “75 percent” of the people she knows would have “smacked the shit out of” the Uber driver or done worse and that the incident could have been avoided if he would’ve let them stay in the car without a mask.

The woman posted to her original Instagram account four other videos from the incident that she apparently filmed from the backseat of Khadka’s car. One is captioned “Kidnapped.” 

“You can get out. Please. I don’t want to drive you. Please get out,” Khadka said in one of the videos she posted to her Instagram. “I’m confirming it the last time. I’m going home. You are free to get out of my car.” 

The woman has now made her Instagram account private and appears to have created a similar backup account that’s growing by hundreds of followers by the hour. Her original account has more than 32,000 followers and has also been growing since she posted the video.

But she claims the driver’s intent was to go viral by asking them to leave his car. One video posted to her account is captioned “Clout chasin Uber. In her Instagram Live, she also wrote that Khadka’s “plan was to go viral from the beginning instead of just taking us to our destination.” 

After offering multiple excuses for her behavior, the woman finally comes to the conclusion that she doesn’t like Uber anyway and claims she’s going to sue the company and ask them for a check. 

“Fucking stupid ass Uber bruh, that’s why I take Lyft,” she says on the live video.

Lyft declined the compliment. 

“Although this incident did not involve the Lyft platform, the unacceptable treatment of the driver in this video compelled us to permanently remove the rider from the Lyft community,” the company’s Twitter account posted in response to the IG Live video.

Uber had already banned her account from the platform and called her actions “appalling” in a statement to VICE News. The ride-share company originally offered Khadka $40 in cleaning funds for his car but eventually gave him $120 after he messaged them multiple times. 

In addition, a GoFundMe set up by Cyan Banister, an early investor of Uber, has so far raised $34,500 to help Khadka.

Source: Woman Goes on IG Live in a Bra to Not Apologize for Coughing on Uber Driver

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