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Phoebe Bridgers Facepalms As Her Mom Shares A Gallery Of Childhood Photos Of Her

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Since time immemorial, TV shows and movies have often included scenes that depict a main character’s parent(s) showing (usually embarrassing) childhood photos of the character to their romantic interest or friend. Well, Phoebe Bridgers’ mother has just done that, except instead of a friend/lover, she showed Bridgers’ old photos to the entire internet.

Variety ran an adorable feature today, for which Jamie Bridgers, real estate agent/stand-up comic/Phoebe’s mom, shared some photos of Phoebe growing up and told the stories behind them. The photos span Phoebe’s teenage years and are mostly of her playing music and in the various bands she was a part of growing up.

Phoebe seemed playfully mortified by the feature, as she shared it on Twitter and wrote simply, “oh no.”

oh no

— traitor joe (@phoebe_bridgers) March 10, 2021

The gallery and Jamie’s captions offer some insight to what Phoebe was like growing up. She notes in one caption, “That’s an Amoeba [record store] shirt she’s wearing — don’t think for a second it was chosen casually.” She later wrote of another photo, “She’s wearing a Grateful Dead shirt — also very intentional.”

In a blurb accompanying a photo of Phoebe at her high school graduation, Jamie painted her daughter as somebody who has long had ambition: “I thought it was my job to make sure she furthered her education so I encouraged Phoebe to apply to Berklee School Of Music. She got in, but she said it would be such a waste of money — she said, ‘Almost all of the people I admire who have gone there dropped out because they started doing music, and I just wanna skip that part.’ I just didn’t want her to be aimless — and she wasn’t, not even for a second.”

Check out the full feature here.

Source: Phoebe Bridgers Facepalms As Her Mom Shares A Gallery Of Childhood Photos Of Her

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