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LAPD chief felt ‘out of sorts’ before hospital stay

The chief of the Los Angeles Police Department said he checked into a hospital overnight last week after feeling sick and having trouble speaking.

“I was feeling ill,” Chief Michel Moore told reporters this week.

The chief said he “had difficulty communicating” several times over the course of the day, March 1, and “had a sense of being out of sorts.”

Moore said he believed it was “better safe than sorry” to go to the hospital, so he called his security detail and it drove him to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center that day.

The chief stayed the night. After a few tests, the hospital staff released him the next day.

“There was no lasting damage, which I’m grateful for,” Moore said.

He did not say what his diagnosis was.

“I’m feeling 100% today,” Moore said on Tuesday, March 9. “God gave me a little warning shot (that I should be) watching my health, paying attention to my health issues.”

He said during a stressful year, “We need to make sure we’re getting enough rest, drinking enough water, and getting enough exercise.”

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Source: LAPD chief felt ‘out of sorts’ before hospital stay

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